How to do SEO for wordpress site?


Do you want to do search engine optimization for WordPress site but don’t know how? In this post, I will try to discuss search engine optimization. So let’s get started!

What is SEO?

SEO is search engine optimization. The process that is followed to bring a website to the first page of a search engine is called SEO.

Why is SEO important for a website?

Every website owner wants someone to type in different keywords and then search Google, their website should be on the first page of Google. If a web page for a keyword appears on the first page of Google, then numerous visitors will visit that web page. That’s why SEO is so important for a website.

Types of SEO


There are two types of SEO to rank a website on Google.

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

On-page SEO

What is on-page SEO?

The process of doing SEO within your own website is called on-page SEO.

Things you need to do on-page SEO

  • Content
  • Target keyword
  • WordPress plugin



Content is very important for a website. The higher the content of a website, the likely it is to rank. Because the internet means content; People visit a website only when it has the required content. If your website does not have any content, then SEO will not be beneficial to bring the site to the first page of Google. That’s why enough content is needed first to bring a website to the ranking; if your website has a lot of content then Google loves it. Try publishing content on your site regularly and updating old content, that’s why Google will see that the content of your site is always up to date so that Google will give you more priority to your site.

When you upload an image to your site, you must use the Alt text of the image as it is SEO friendly. Also, try to make sure your content is very long and not less than 1000 words. Also make sure your site has an SSL certificate and has the required pages such as About us, Contact us, Privacy policy, Terms & conditions.

Target keyword

The role of the target keyword is very important in ranking a web page on Google.

What is the target keyword?

If you search by typing something, your web page will appear on the first page of Google that is the target keyword for that web page. Each webpage or post must have a target keyword.

WordPress plugin

The best SEO plugin is the yoast for SEO on WordPress site. Yoast SEO plugin is a powerful SEO plugin. This plugin lets you set a keyword to bring your WordPress site pages to the first page of Google.

How to download Yoast plugin?

The plugin needs to be downloaded before setup. To download the plugin, you must first go to the backend of the website and click on “Add new” from the Plugin. Then type yoast SEO in the search box of the plugin and perform the search and install+activate the SEO plugin. After activating the plugin, your job is to set up the plugin with your website. So let’s look at how to set up the plugin with the website.

How to set up yoast plugin with a website?

First, go to General from the SEO menu of the dashboard then go to webmaster tools and connect the webmaster tools of the search engine to the website. Google verification code and Bing verification code must be connected. Baidu and Yandex are optional, you can connect Baidu and Yandex to Google and Bing as well if you wish, I think it’s best to add all. The rules for connecting all are the same. We’ll add Google webmaster tools first.

To add Google’s webmaster tool, you must first click on the “Get your Google verification code in Google search console” link, then you will see a page called webmaster central. Then clicking on the HTML tag, one of the codes will appear in “       ”, copy the code and paste it into the box of the Google verification code and click on save changes. Then go to webmaster central page and click on verify below, then the site will be verified.

Note: Before webmaster tool verification, your domain must be submitted to webmaster tool/Google search console.

After connecting the site with the webmaster tool, you will need to submit a sitemap to Google search console.

To submit a sitemap, go to Google search console and click on the site map. Then click on general from the dashboard’s SEO menu to come to features, and clicking on the XML sitemap (?) icon below will open the sitemap of the website. Then copy the sitemap link and paste it into the sitemap of Google search console and click on submit. Similarly, you can connect your website and submit a sitemap with all the search engine’s webmaster tools.

After completing the above tasks you have to click on “search appearance” from the SEO menu and then go down and select the organization or person. Then select the name and upload the photo and click on save changes.

Congrats! If you have followed the above rules correctly then you have already set up the Yoast SEO plugin with your site.

Now we will optimize the site with keywords.

First, select a keyword that you type in your Google search and your blog post will appear on the first page of Google. “” you can do keyword research using this tool, this tool will help you find the keywords you want and find out more about the keyword’s search volume, competition, etc.

How do I optimize a post with keywords?

First, you need to edit any of the posts on your website. Going to the bottom of the post, yoast SEO options can be seen. In the box of focus keyphrase, you have to enter your focus keyword which is written in Google search and this post will appear on the first page of Google. Then go to snippet preview below and click edit and enter SEO titles, Slugs and Meta descriptions. As you write these, you should keep in mind that the focus keyword is in them. Also, the Meta descriptions should be interesting so that visitors will be interested in visiting your site after reading this.

After completing these tasks, you have to go down and check the SEO analysis results. Here you will find some red dots and some green dots. Red dots are problem results and green dots are good results. Red dots have to be fixed; you must read the problems and fix them. If you do not fix all the problems, there is no problem, but the more green the better. By fixing the problems and publishing them, your post will be SEO. In the same way, you can do SEO on your website’s posts and pages.

Off-page SEO.

The backlink is one of the most important topics for off-page SEO. It can be said that backlinks are about 80% of important in off-page SEO. This is why high-quality backlinks are needed to rank the website. Most website owners fail to create their high-quality backlink and at one time they were stripped of their blogging career.

The way to create high-quality backlinks!


1. Guest post

It is an evergreen method for building high-quality backlinks. Guest post means that you publish content for another website, but you must publish content on site that matches the content of your site. First find some sites by Google search that match the content of your website, then contact the owners of those sites and tell them that you want to share your content on their website.

Once you get to the contact page of their website, you will get the option to contact them. When you publish your content on the other website, you will have the opportunity to build a backlink in the author’s bio section. Most of the website gives backlinks to guest bloggers on author bio. In another site, your author bio will have different information about you. You will provide a link to your website there. This way you can build as many high-quality backlinks as you want for your site.

Do follow link!

Give some Do-Follow Backlinks to some of your niche related sites. Find some of your niche related websites from Google and provide links of their websites within the content of your website. WordPress’s websites have an internal feature called pingback. If a WordPress site gives you a backlink, you will get a notification. Similarly, if you give them a backlink then they will get the notification. If you give them Do-Follow Backlinks, you will also have the opportunity to get a backlink from them. This is a very effective way to build high-quality backlinks. Many people do not want to use this “Do follow link” option as they think of selfishness. But if you think win-win and give a do-follow link to others then you can much better in your blogging career.

Giving testimonials.

When you buy something for your website’s niche related online, give your testimonial there. Testimonial means providing product reviews as a customer. When you buy a product and give a good review of it, you will have the opportunity to build a high-quality backlink. Because many websites post reviews of their customers with a link to the site. That’s why it’s a great way to build high-quality backlinks. So this testimonial strategy will certainly apply. It works well for Google rankings.

Develop a relationship.

Build a good relationship with your niche related website owners. Visit their websites, read their content well and make a good comment there. There are various topics discussed in the comments section of different websites, you should try to join them. This will create a good relationship with other website owners so you can build high-quality backlinks very easily. If you can create a good relationship with them then they will give you backlink easily. And of course, you will give them backlinks too.

Find out some of your niche related good quality websites and make a list of them and publish a special review post on your website with those websites. Write some good content about the websites in that review post and praise them there and of course, give those websites a backlink. This strategy will help you to create a quick relationship. When you publish content about other websites and give them do-follow backlinks, many of them will also give you backlinks.

Bringing a website to Google ranking doesn’t require too many backlinks. If you can build a handful of high-quality backlinks, those will be enough to get your site into the Google rankings.

Lastly, publish a lot of content on your website and try to build some high quality backlink then your site will get into Google ranking.

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