How to create a website free? (step by step)

Do you want to create a website free but do not know how to do so?

There are several platforms to create a website free including,, and These three platforms are very popular. You can make a free website through any one of these and publish your content online.

Now I will discuss and show how to create a website free through

Create a website free

First, you have to visit and click on Start your website button. There are 6 steps to complete the site creation process.

Step-1: Give the user name, email, and password.

Create a website free

Step-1 should give the email address in the first field and in the next fields, the username, and password. Then there will be a step 2 display in front of you.

Step-2: What kind of site are you building?

What kind of site are you building?

Select the type of site you want to create.

Step-3: Select the Topic of your site.

What is your blog about?

Select the topic of your site and click continue.

Step-4: Give a name for your site.

Blog's name selection

Click on the name of the site and continue.

Step-5: Select the free domain for your site.

Here, you have to select a free domain like You can select the free domain with the name of your choice. Selecting the free domain will display step-6.

Step-6: select a plan.

Here, you have to select the hosting plan. Since you want to create a free website, you have to click on Start with a Free Site. Then your site will be automatically created and you will see your site backend.

Customize your site.

If you visit your site frontend, you will find that your site has a default theme added. You can customize the site as you wish. One of the most important things to make a website attractive is to install a good theme. In the words, first the philosopher than the virtuous.

How to change themes?

To change the theme, go to the backend of the site. Then click on Themes from Personalize. Then you will get the option to add all types of free and premium themes. You have to click on the free, and then the free themes will be displayed in front of you. You can set your site to whatever you like. Click on the Info with the mouse pointer over the theme of your choice will show the theme. Then click on Open Live Demo and click on Activate. The site can be customized by clicking on the customize site. You can customize your site by using the options on the left.

If you want to add content to the site, you can add content by clicking on the Blog Post. Also, if you want to add pages to the site, you can add new pages by clicking on the Site Page. Click on Customize + Menus + Primary to display the new page in the site menu. Then add new pages by clicking on Add Items. After adding the pages and publishing them, the pages will be added to the Menu. You can drag and drop pages up or down and place them to your liking.

I hope you can now create a free website very easily using the platform.

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