How to create a localhost website?

If you are new to WordPress then you definitely need a WordPress website to practice WordPress development.

I will teach you, how to install WordPress on a localhost server and how to set up a localhost website without domain hosting. By creating and practicing a website on the localhost server, you can learn WordPress development very easily.

Practicing on the localhost website will most likely not require any internet connection but in some cases an internet connection required. We will install WordPress on localhost server with 3 steps.

Content summary:

  • Step-1: Xampp Software Install in PC.
  • Step-2: Create a Database and User.
  • Step-3: WordPress Install.

Step-1: Xampp Software Install in Pc.

Xampp software for localhost website

First, you have to install a software called Xampp on your computer. You need to open any browser and type Xampp in Google. Then visit the first link of the result page of Google or click here, download the Xampp software for your operating system. Once the software is downloaded, it has to be opened and installed. Once the software is installed, the Xampp control panel will display automatically, make the control panel quite a bit.

Go to the drive where the Xampp software is installed on your computer and see that there is a folder named Xampp has created. Scroll down inside the folder and you will see that there is an application called Xampp Control. After clicking on the application will open the Xampp Control Panel which is opened automatically after installing Xampp.

Drop the Control Panel file into the shortcut desktop. To add a shortcut, place the mouse pointer over the file and click on the right button + Sent to + Desktop, then the shortcut will be created. Then, double-clicking on the Control Panel from Desktop will open the Xampp Control Panel.

Step-2: Create a Database and user id.

Create a database and create a user id for that database. A database is a type of storage where everything on the website is saved. Before creating the database, the server must be started. To start the server, go to Xampp Control Panel and start Apache and MySQL.

To create a database, open the browser and search localhost. Then you have to click on PhpMyAdmin from the menu of this page. Click on Database and give the database name and click on Create. Then click on PhpMyAdmin’s Home + User accounts + Add User Accounts and give the login information.

In the user name field, you can enter your preferred name. Enter the localhost in the hostname field and password you prefer. Then go down and tick the Check All. After that, go down and click on Go then the user account will be created. The username and password must be kept in mind because the username and password will be required later.

Step-3: WordPress Install.

To install WordPress, you need to open the browser and visit the site. This is the official website of WordPress. After visiting this site, you will have to download the WordPress software by clicking on Get WordPress + Download WordPress. Download the WordPress software and open it with WinRAR Archiver and unzip.

After unzipping the file, all the files inside it have to be copied and go to the Xampp folder. Find the folder htdocs and create a new folder called Project. In the Project folder, you have to create another folder called “My first website”. Then paste the copied files of WordPress into the “My first website” folder.

After pasting the files, you can see that there is a file called wp-config-sample.php; rename this file and just give wp-config. Then the file will be opened with a text editor and scroll down and save with database name, username, and password.

Then open any browser and type Localhost/Project and press Enter and a page named Index of/ Project will be displayed. This page has a folder called My-first-website. Clicking on this folder will bring up the option of WordPress installation. Here, select the language English and click on continue and then click on the installed WordPress with the title, username, password and email id of the site. Finally, you will need to login to the Dashboard by entering username and password.

If you follow the previous steps well, I hope you have WordPress installed on your computer. Next, when you login to the backend of your site, go to the browser and type “localhost/project/my-first-website/wp-admin/”.

Congrats! Now you can easily practice WordPress development.

Best wishes to you.

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