How to add a contact form using the contact form 7 plugin?

It is important to have a contact form on every wordpress website. So that website visitors can contact the website through the contact form.

Contact form 7

In this article, I will show you how to set up contact form 7 and how to add a contact form in a WordPress site.

To set up the contact form 7, you must first log in to the backend of the website. Then click on Add New from Plugins. You have to search by entering contact form 7 in the search box. Then install the contact form7 plugin and activate it. As soon as the plugin is activated, an option called Contact will be added. Click on Contact forms from this Contact option. Then you will see that a default contact form called contact form1 has been created. But we will create a new contact form.

Click on Add New to create a new form. Then the name of the contact form should be given (for example: contact form2). You can see that a shortcode has been created by entering the name of the contact form and clicking save. Wherever you can copy and paste this shortcode, a contact form will be displayed. If you want, you can copy and paste this shortcode into your contact us page. Visitors to your website will be able to communicate by the contact form of this page.

How to add more options to contact form?

There are many other options you can add to your contact form like Gender, Plan, File uploading, etc. if you look below the shortcode you can see that there are some options (Form, Mail, Messages, Additional settings).

Form: The inside of the form has some code at the bottom. You can edit them or add a new field if you like. Here are several options for adding fields such as text, email, URL, tel, number, date, text area, drop-down menu, checkboxes, radio buttons, acceptance, quiz, reCAPTCHA, file, submit.

If you notice the code below, you can see that the <label></label> tag contains some text.

In the first code, “your name (required) [text* your name]” written in the <label></label> tag. To change the field, remove the text in the middle of the <label></label> tag and take a text field there. Then tick at the required field; this means that the file must not be filled in or the message will not be sent. Then the name of the field should be given in the Name Box (for example: your-name).

The default value box will have a placeholder text (for example: your name). Then tick on the “use this text as the placeholder of the field”. This will show up inside the text box of your contact form. Now click on the insert tag and save the file. Then remove the email field and take an email field in the <label></label> tag. This way you can set up the field as per your requirement.

Mail: If someone sends a mail from your website, you can set up the email address which mail will go to email address.

Message: You can set up the text of the message tab as you wish.

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