Learn passive income ideas to earn online.

Passive income ideas

Are you interested to get passive income ideas? Then you are in the right place. Read this article to get passive income ideas.

Summary of passive income ideas.

  1. Start a YouTube channel.
  2. Create a Blogging website.
  3. Start an online store.
  4. Start a Drop-shipping store.
  5. Offer skill-based service/freelancing.

The present world is the internet world. Almost all kind of organizations around the world are now bringing their activities online. As a result, new jobs and opportunities are being created. Also, anyone can use the internet to get a business or venture of their own. Now I will give you about some popular passive income ideas on the internet that millions of people around the world have been doing successfully.

Start a YouTube channel.


If you love to make videos then you can take this job as a career by starting a YouTube channel. Anyone can start a YouTube channel and upload videos on a variety of topics and make money by monetizing videos. By leveraging one’s own creativity, a YouTube channel can provide not only income but also financial stability, which is visible worldwide.

Forbes, the world-renowned magazine, publishes a list of 10 wealthy YouTubers in 2019. There it is found that the annual revenue of each YouTuber is 14 to 22 million dollars.

Forbes, the world-renowned magazine, publishes a list of 10 wealthy YouTubers in 2018.

The Business Insider also published such a list in April 2019.

Create a Blogging website.

Start a Blogging website.

Blogging means writing about different topics on the website. The process of monetizing a blog site is similar to that of a YouTube channel. There are many ways to earn through a website. Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing are among them.

There was a time when people needed the permission of a publisher of magazine to publish their writings. Most of the time, it would not have been published if it was not experienced or well written; which was challenging thing for new writers. But with the proliferation of the internet, the barrier is easily overcome.


Anyone can easily create a blog site by using website creation software such as WordPress, and they can showcase their talent by publishing their content at any time. No one needs permission in this case. People who love writing can start a blogging website and publish their content there and earn money by monetizing their content. In addition, you can generate passive income by creating & selling websites.

We have an article about start a blogging website. Read this here.

Start an online store.

Online store.

Any product or service is now in the hands of the people for the good of the internet. Almost any kind of product or service, people can order at home and can take it home. There are millions of companies online who are successfully conducting their business through various products or services.

These types of businesses are called e-commerce businesses. This approach can be a great way for those who want to take an initiative online by offering products or services. This kind of business activity can be managed through an e-commerce website, YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Create a Drop-shipping store.

Drop shipping store.

Starting a business or venture first requires some investment that may not be possible for everyone. But there are many, who have little capital that they want to venture into. E-commerce business requires PRE-investment in product or service inventory. Those who cannot afford to invest in products or services can do drop shipping business if they want.

It is also an e-commerce business system. But this method does not require investing in goods or services. This requires an automatic drop shipping website. By creating a drop shipping website, anyone can start a drop shipping business.

Offer skill based service/freelancing.


With the spread of the internet, organizations are conducting their activities online so there are millions of job opportunities in the job sector. You can master any subject and leverage your skills as an online service.

There are many marketplaces where millions of people are helping various organizations by offering their skills as a service. Some such marketplaces are fiverr.com, upwork.com, peopleperhour.com, freelancing.com etc.

Different types of services are needed to manage the activities of an organization. Some work is done by the organization’s own staff and some are done by freelancers. Freelancers are largely independent because freelancing is an independent profession. Freelancers do not have a fixed job; they provide a specific service to multiple organizations.

Some popular independent jobs online are

  • WordPress Website Development.
  • Graphics & Branding Design.
  • SEO.
  • Video Editing.
  • Customer Support Agent.
  • Content Writing.

In addition to this, there are many more jobs in marketplaces. So even if you do not invest in any business, there is nothing to worry about. Services can be provided to different organizations by mastering anyone subject and can be earned permanently or independently.

Finally, I would like to say that you can develop your career by starting one of the above passive income ideas. Be sure to stick to the thing you love best. And of course, comment on the ideas in the comment box.

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